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About Us

  • GENI is a Swedish word that stands for “genius” in English. The name was chosen to reflect the company’s mission to provide innovative solutions and expert consultations in software development.
  • The term “genius” implies exceptional intelligence, creativity, and skill, and it is the company’s goal to live up to that reputation by delivering exceptional service and cutting-edge technology to our clients.
  • We are also working closely with each of the other companies in the group to ensure that the software development solutions provided align with their specialized focus areas.

Our Group of Companies

Care Diary

Care Diary

Specializing in the healthcare sector, Care Diary provides innovative solutions to streamline healthcare management.

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PIT Technology

PIT Technology

With a focus on the agriculture sector, PIT Technology is dedicated to advancing agricultural practices through technology.

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Made Myanmar

Made Myanmar

Positioned as an e-commerce platform, Made Myanmar is committed to promoting and facilitating the sale of products made in Myanmar.

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Our Management Team

Kyaw Soe Tun

Co-Founder, Head of Software Dept.

Myo Thu Aung

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Soe Moe

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Phyo Pye Chan Thar

Chief Business Officer

kyi thar

Kyi Thar

Founder, Technical Advisor

Myint Kyaw

Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer

Tun Lin

Head of IT Department

Arkar Linn

Mid Level Senior Programmer

Ei Ei Tun

Research and Development Lead

Khon Cho Thar Byin

Research and Development Assistant

Our Advisors

Htain Lin Shwe

Software Developement Advisor

Sarder Fakhrul Abedin

AI/ML and Telecommunication Advisor

Thei Su San

Medical Advisor

Nishat I Mowla

Cyber Security Advisor

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About Us