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Research Internship
Batch 1 (Q1-Q2 2024)

GENI Technology’s research internship program offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of Myanmar’s AI development. This program equips participants with essential skills in cutting-edge technologies:

  1. Generalized Pretrained Transformers (GPT): These advanced AI models are trained on vast amounts of data to understand and generate human-like text. They are crucial for natural language processing tasks like text generation, translation, and summarization.

  2. Specialized Pretrained Transformers (SPT): Tailored for specific tasks or domains, such as medical diagnosis or financial analysis, SPTs are fine-tuned from generalized models to achieve high performance in specialized applications.

  3. Model Optimization: This involves improving the efficiency and performance of AI models through techniques like pruning, quantization, and compression, to reduce model size and computational requirements while maintaining accuracy.

  4. Tokenizers: Tokenizers break down text into smaller units, or tokens, for processing by AI models. They play a crucial role in natural language understanding tasks by converting text into numerical representations that AI models can work with.

  5. Benchmark Database Construction: Creating standardized datasets and benchmarks is essential for evaluating the performance of AI models. These benchmarks facilitate comparisons between different models and track progress in AI research.

  6. Technical Report Writing and Research Paper Writing: Effective communication of research findings, methodologies, and results is crucial. Participants will learn how to prepare technical reports and research papers to share their knowledge and insights within the AI community, contributing to advancements in the field.

Aligned with our commitment to collaboration, participants are encouraged to contribute to the open-source community by releasing developed models as open-source projects. This promotes wider accessibility and transparency, fostering continuous improvement within the AI community. Our goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation and accelerates AI development in Myanmar and beyond.

Management Team

Aye Hninn Khine

Mya Ei San


Advisor Team

kyi thar

Kyi Thar

Ei Ei Tun

Research Team


Phoe Kitt

Lamin Ko Ko

Thet Htoo Zaw (Patrick)

Khant Htoo Naing

Su Yee Mon

Eaint Lay Hmone

Khin Khin Kyi

Shinn Thant Khin

Htwe Myat Cho

Hein Htet

Zin Wai Yan

Htoo Zaw Lwin

Shwe T. Han (go by Shwe)

Honey Htun

Research Outputs

Technical ReportsProduct developmentOpensource solutions

Project-based job training programs yield impactful research output, fostering skill acquisition and innovation in the workforce.



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Research Papers and Reports



Career Path Prediction



Data Contributors

Thank you for contributing valuable data to enhance and refine the research on the Myanmar language in both the Generalized Pretrained Model (GPT) and the Specialized Retrained Model (SPT), empowering these models to better understand and generate contextually relevant content.

Contributor 1

Research Papers and Reports

Contributor 2


Contributor 3

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