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GENI Technology’s Job Training-Infused Research on Generative AI

GENI Technology offers a research job training program that provides a unique opportunity to enter the forefront of AI development in Myanmar. This program is tailored for individuals aspiring to gain essential skills in cutting-edge technologies.
The program covers a variety of cutting-edge domains, including Generalized Pretrained Models (GPT), Specialized Pretrained Models, Model Optimization, Tokenizers, Benchmark Database Construction, and Technical Report Writing. Through the program, participants will gain expertise in developing Generalized Pretrained Models, including architectures, training methodologies, and fine-tuning processes. They will also learn about state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques and hands-on experience in constructing models that can understand and generate human-like text.
The program also covers the realm of Specialized Pretrained Models designed to cater to specific industries and applications within Myanmar. Participants will learn the art of adapting models to linguistic nuances and contextual intricacies unique to Myanmar, ensuring optimal performance in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and education.
Participants will also master the art of efficient model deployment with a focus on optimization techniques such as quantization, pruning, and compression. They will learn to create lightweight yet high-performance models suitable for deployment in resource-constrained environments.
Moreover, participants will gain expertise in developing custom tokenization strategies optimized for Myanmar’s linguistic characteristics. This includes addressing Myanmar script intricacies, subword tokenization, and adapting tokenization for specialized domains. They will also understand the significance of constructing benchmark datasets for evaluating model performance and learn effective data collection, annotation, and validation methodologies to ensure the robustness and reliability of benchmark datasets, reflective of Myanmar’s linguistic diversity.
Lastly, participants will enhance their ability to communicate research findings effectively by learning the art of writing technical reports with a focus on clarity, precision, and adherence to industry standards. This skill set is crucial for disseminating research outcomes, collaborating with peers, and contributing to the broader scientific community.
Join GENI Technology’s research job training program today and become a key player in shaping Myanmar’s AI landscape.
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Research Job Training

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